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System requirements

This website is for use on computers or laptops.
To use Oxford Learner's Bookshelf on a tablet, download the app for iPad or tablets for Android.

The Oxford Learner's Bookshelf website is supported on the following internet browsers:

Chrome 50 or later
Firefox 45 or later
Internet Explorer 11*
Microsoft Edge v39 or later*
Safari 9*, 10* and 11*

* You can't record audio notes or pronunciation practice using Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari. To record audio, please use Chrome or Firefox.

To download your reading progress, you'll need a program which can open a CSV (comma-separated) file, such as Microsoft Excel® or Numbers for Mac®.

To download your reading certificate, you'll need Adobe Reader® (available from Adobe at

Downloading the app

To use the offline app, your computer will need the following:

Operating System
oWindows 7 or later
oMac OS 10.9 or later
oLinux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later

Windows computers need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed and enabled to download books. If you do not have .NET Framework 3.5, you will be asked to install it and restart the app before you can download books from the Cloud.

CPU: 2 GHz and above
Physical Memory: 1,024 MB or more available
Disc Space
oWindows: 151MB of disc space to install the app
oMac: 167MB of disc space to install the app
oLinux: 300MB of disc space to install the app

You'll also need additional space for each e-book download.
E-books are between 30MB and 1GB, depending on the title.